Andrés Sacristán

US PresidentCintra

Mr. Sacristan is currently Cintra’s Director for Canada, and within that role operates both Highway 407 ETR and provides tolling, billing and customer services to the Ontario Government’s new toll roads. As Cintra’s representative in Canada, Mr. Sacristan is also Director and Chairman of both 407 East Development Group and Blackbird Development Group – responsible for the construction and maintenance of Ontario’s new toll highways: Highway 407, and Highway 412 and Highway 418.

Mr. Sacristan has over 20 years of international experience in the construction, car-park and transportation industries and is since 2017 President & CEO of 407 International – the parent company of the 407 ETR Concession Company Limited which operates the 108 km toll-highway across the top of the Greater Toronto Area serving to 3 million customers every year.

Mr. Sacristan started his career as a construction manager in the late 1990’s. He soon changed to the concession business joining Cintra in 2001 where he progressed through several positions from project manager to the head of asset management for Europe, Australia and Colombia. Along his career in Cintra he has held different roles in business development and asset management and worked in different markets and asset classes. Mr. Sacristan holds an MS in Civil Engineering and Structural Design.