Marshall Macomber

Senior Policy Advisor

Marshall Macomber is AIAI’s Senior Policy Advisor and President of ThinkP3, where he brings his deep knowledge of Federal policy, the legislative process and political communications to help grow the P3 marketplace. Prior to ThinkP3, Macomber served in government for over twelve years in Washington, DC, working in the U.S. House of Representatives as a top aide to a senior Member of Congress. Macomber started ThinkP3 after seeing the potential for Public-Private Partnerships to help provide government services in tight fiscal environments.

In government, Macomber was Chief of Staff to Congressman Mike Rogers of Alabama. He oversaw all legislative and communications strategy for Rogers, a senior Member of Congress serving on the Agriculture, Armed Services and Homeland Security committees. Rogers was also the founder and co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on Public-Private Partnerships, or P3 Caucus. Macomber was also a Rail Policy Advisor on the Homeland Security Committee under Chairman Peter King (NY). Before being appointed Chief of Staff, Macomber served as Rogers’ Press Secretary. Outside of government, Macomber has been active in political campaigns, helping raise money and providing strategic advice for Congressional candidates. Prior to his career in government, Macomber worked for C-SPAN Television in community relations, marketing and media.