A program designed to increase visibility for women in infrastructure.

Our goal is to promote more women as experts in their chosen field and discipline, within the infrastructure sphere.

We aim to connect audiences with speakers who can knowledgeably discuss infrastructure, policy, procurement and the skillsets required to effectively deliver projects within today’s constraints.


Reach out to our member companies to encourage participation in speaking roles from female colleagues for whom promoting their knowledge and expertise would be beneficial, not only to their own personal and professional advancement, but in helping AIAI with our work in the pursuit of the improvement of our Nation’s infrastructure.

Set up a database of participants with their field of expertise to be easily accessed when panelists/speakers are required.

If necessary, further empower participants with training and skillsets in order to enable them to participate comfortably in presentations such as webinars, panels, roundtables.


AIAI greatly appreciates the opportunity to promote and create more visibility and opportunity for woman in infrastructure and we are grateful for the efforts of our speakers and hosts toward the achievement of our goals and in expanding outreach.

These guidelines will:

  1. Help prospective speakers understand the objectives for the program
    and decide whether they wish to participate
  2. Help members of AIAI MORE prepare their presentations

By volunteering to participate in the Program, a participant agrees to:

  1. Provide education and training in public sector infrastructure and policy
  2. Promote best practices in P3s, educate both the private and public sector
  3. Introduce audiences to AIAI
  4. Remain non-partisan in their presentations, and indicate that the opinions they express about infrastructure are solely their own and are not necessarily those of AIAI
  5. Seek and obtain appropriate clearance from their employers, as needed, to make their appearances or to promote AIAI

AIAI encourages speakers to address subjects pertaining to their direct and detailed knowledge, broad experience, formal training, and/or personal involvement. There is no minimum experience required.

A speaker’s ability to address a given subject is a combination of training, and quality and length of experience.

Speakers and prospective speakers are encouraged to discuss their potential subjects with the coordinator, if there is any uncertainty about a specific subject. Program members are not expected to be experts on every aspect of public budgeting, policy analysis, and the professions that perform these roles. Speakers should address subjects which will provide knowledge and training to budget and policy professionals of all levels of experience and promote the advancement of those professions.


Should you volunteer to participate, please provide your information to the program coordinator
as soon as possible, through the survey form:

Please share:

  • Details of your experience and the subjects about which you are qualified to speak.
  • Resume
  • Headshot
  • Your personal presentation styles and the settings in which you are most comfortable speaking.

It is highly encouraged that program members join AIAI if they are not already members, but it is not required.

If you have questions about the speaker program, please contact the program managers, who will be happy to help.

Please alert Carol Todd at ctodd@aiai-infra.org if you revise your personal information or its format.