This AIAI facilitated program provides a platform for higher education departments with a focus on alternative delivery and P3s to get together to collaborate on and share research, events and industry news.

AIAI U allows thought leaders and experts in the infrastructure community to share insights on the market from all points of view. This in turn creates dialogue amongst AIAI U participants to raise awareness on needs and solutions. There is also an opportunity for industry connections as higher education leaders research and identify best practices for the industry and promote solutions for infrastructure delivery.

AIAI U connects through calls and video conferences on a regular basis, and when industry news and circumstances might demand. We also schedule meetings during industry events.

University partners in the AIAI U program will have the opportunity to assist in its formation and have access to various AIAI sponsored programs.

Under lead educator Jonathan Gifford from George Mason University, the AIAI U Program sits under the Education Committee, providing access to research and resources to support program and learning, and a platform to share research documents, white papers and academic articles.

If you’re interested in being involved, please click here to find out more.