P3-enabled for transportation projects.

Does this state have broadly enabling P3 legislation?

Ohio is authorized for P3 procurement for transportation projects.

Does the state allow for unsolicited proposals?

The department of transportation may receive, consider, evaluate, and accept an unsolicited proposal for a public-private initiative.

What is the P3 contract approval authority?

Before issuing any solicitation documents, ODoT may issue an RFI or a similar expression of interest.

What is the state's P3 procurement process?

Multi-staged procurement review of solicited and unsolicited proposals. An RFP process will be used. ODoT must select a solicited bidder or proposal on a competitive basis.

Does the state have resources dedicated to P3s?

ODoT: Ohio Department of Transportation, and specifically the Division of Innovative Delivery, as outlined in Revised Code and Standard Procedures.

Is this a Home Rule state, with limitations or opportunities for P3?

Ohio is a Home Rule state and as such allows municipalities to exercise broad governmental authority.

Does this state have programmatic requirements for MWDBE participation?

Mandates for MWDBE inclusion are guided by Federally funded project provisions. Any funding from external sources, including Federal funding, would dictate DBE participation requirements.

Does this state have programmatic requirements for labor participation?

Each public-private partnership project shall be subject to the prevailing wage requirements associated with funding sources (i.e., Davis-Bacon).

Does this state have programmatic requirements for performance security?

Payment & Performance Security - the defining statute does contain provisions which may require payment and performance bonds for the design and construction phases of qualifying public infrastructure projects.

For what types of financing programs are P3 projects eligible?

ODoT may use Federal, state, local, and private funds to finance a transportation facility under sections 5501.70 to 5501.83 of the Revised Code and shall comply with any requirements and restrictions governing the use of the funds.

What project types or asset classes are eligible for P3s in this state?

Includes a broad range of transportation assets, including: "Transportation facilities", "Public transportation" ("Public transportation" doesn’t include school bus transportation or charter or sightseeing services), "Road" or "highway".

Are there projects where the P3 procurement method has been applied?

Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway (previously referred to as Portsmouth Bypass).