AIAI in Oklahoma

On November 5th and 6th AIAI traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to meet with political leaders and present at the Oklahoma Lake Development Summit.

Oklahoma has more shoreline than any other state due to the large number of lakes, both natural and man-made, in the state. This valuable resource has been under-utilized, holding back economic growth in the state, due to lack of viable development delivery options. State Senator James Leewright (Chair of the Business, Commerce and Tourism Committee) realized that the state’s P3 legislation could be the vehicle to developing lake-side property through engagement with the private sector. Working with other elected offices including Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, Senator Leewright brought together experts on lakefront development, economic development, environment policy, and P3s to explore possibilities for Oklahoma’s future. Many of these experts come together at a dinner on the evening of the 5th at the Tulsa Club – a new hotel in downtown Tulsa – to plan for the main summit on the 6th.

The Lake Development Summit was attended by over 200 people and resulted in a roadmap for future P3 development. AIAI was honored to be invited to this important event and to share the basis of P3 real estate development with the attendees.