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The Big Question Survey

The Big Question 1: What will the impact of US tax reform be on P3s?
The Big Question 2: How will the new US federal infrastructure plan impact P3s?

We would be grateful if you could spend five minutes of your time to fill out our survey focusing on the impact of the tax reform and the new infrastructure plan on P3s across the US.

This survey addresses areas of concern with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for P3s and looks for a path forward to address this important topic with the administration and Congress. The survey will also look at the administration’s proposed Infrastructure Plan, the possible pathway through Congress, and the impact of this debate on state and local governments.

The results will inform a roundtable event at P3 Hub Midwest next month, at which industry experts will discuss the findings during a lively discussion among attendees and give their views, before both the survey and views of the roundtable participants are compiled into an in-depth report that will be provided to subscribers and survey respondents.

This is the first in a series of surveys that we intend to publish this year, with the results of each forming part of a quarterly report into issues affecting the industry. With your input, we aim to produce a thorough picture of the P3 landscape and what is being done to improve best practice and overcome challenges that many in the market may face.


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