Winstead’s multidisciplinary project finance group has grown to encompass every aspect of the planning, financing and development of a P3 project at a level of sophistication not typically found in other Texas firms with procurement and public finance expertise. As a Texas-based law firm, our infrastructure attorneys possess a thorough understanding of the unique construction, procurement, financing, and tax matters that arise in P3 transactions in Texas.

Winstead works closely with its clients to weigh the risks and benefits of a public-private transaction, maximizing both public and private resources, to achieve the most efficient outcome and optimize community impact. We have represented all parties at the negotiating table, including governmental entities, developers, lenders, and investment banks. This background gives us the ability to understand the needs and motivations of all parties that is critical to a successful project.

There is no “off-the-shelf” structure for any P3 project. Winstead’s attorneys have the experience necessary to advise clients on any project structure, regardless of the delivery method. With the most successful projects being defined by project values, Winstead

understands the importance of prioritizing deliverables and minimizing variables to drive competition in private markets, without compromising private bidder innovation. With these principles in mind, Winstead has developed an exceptional reputation in project and P3 finance across the State and beyond, representing both public and private sector clients in a broad range of projects, including:

· Airports and Airport Facilities
· Tollroad Facilities
· Municipal Convention Centers and Hotels
· On-Campus University Facilities and Student Housing
· Stadiums and Professional Sports Facilities
· Industrial Development Projects
· Water Infrastructure and Utilities
· Municipal Facilities
· Economic Redevelopment Projects
· Privatized Toll Roads
· GSA Build to Suit Lease Facilities
· Privatized Military Housing

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