P3Direct is an AIAI partnership program for public sector representatives, which aims to create connections with experienced P3 industry experts to provide a resource when exploring P3 as a procurement model.

Public sector participants will have access to a team of industry professionals (both public and private) from across the relevant disciplines. The partnership program will aim to:

  • Establish an informal relationship where P3-centric questions can be asked and complexities clarified
  • Share an in-depth understanding of the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the P3 market
  • Provide a base understanding of how to navigate the complex process of P3s
  • Facilitate introductions to other participants and organizations
  • Exchange feedback and ideas


AIAI P3Direct Membership


As the leading resource on the P3 delivery model, AIAI is committed to sharing knowledge and expertise gathered from decades of industry experience.

For more information:

Call:  202-836-8820

Email: P3Direct@AIAI-Infra.org