Welcome to AIAI’s P3 Direct!

Welcome to AIAI’s P3 Direct!

The team at AIAI faced a challenge: How to deliver P3 facts and guidance that the public sector needs to be successful, without the concern of private sector influence, all in an environment that would promote the free exchange of ideas across jurisdiction lines. P3 Direct is the answer to that challenge!

Designed to allow public sector professionals, of all levels of P3 experience, to ask questions about the procurement model, P3 Direct is the source for all things P3 in the American market. Questions can be posed anonymously and answers can come from experts in the field in the same manner – or if agreeable to all, parties can be identified and conversations arranged, to better encourage communication. Either way, professionals in the public sector can rest assured that their P3 Direct questions will remain confidential. Private sector firms will not have direct access to view questions or responses – the P3 Direct portal platform is available to ONLY the public sector.

So, ask away! P3 Direct is here to help. Or, for those of you who have been successful in your P3 endeavors please consider becoming a source for answers for those just entering the exciting US-P3 space.

Thank you again for your interest and if you have any questions – just ask!


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