Agency Assessment and Readiness Workbook

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SECTION 1: Identifying Your Agency’s Need


4. Have you tried to tackle this problem before?
5. Do other issues such as stakeholders, financial, or market conditions impact your ability to deliver the project?
6. Is it clear that there is sufficient Public Sector Agency authority to undertake the project and associated procurement process?


1. Does your agency’s need require more than one division or organization to solve?
2. Do you think you might be reliant on others, such as external private partners, or internal financial support/elected board approval) to provide funding?
4. Who would oversee:

Mission/Policy/Aligned Interest

1. Has it been or will it be difficult to mobilize project partners?
2. Would external partners benefit from the development of this project, or might they directly utilize space within the project, if it is a building?
3. Do you have the political support from the highest level for the project in general, and for it to be potentially be delivered as a P3?
4. Does the P3 delivery model fit into your agency’s current culture, and that of your partners?
5. Are there any opponents to this project, or this project being delivered as a P3, that have already been identified?

Feasibility and Implementation

1. Has a feasibility study been completed to determine the suitability of a P3?
2. Has a financial plan been completed for the project?
3. Have any studies been completed to determine the feasibility of traditional (non P3) delivery methods?
4. Have any studies been done to suggest a P3 is the right solution? (i.e. Value for Money or Business Case Analysis)
5. Do you have the legal authority to implement a P3?
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6. Is it clear that alternatives to the project were considered?
7. Does your required schedule for the project permit the schedule typically required to plan and procure a P3 project (18-24 mos)?

SECTION 2: Resources and Funding

Resource Assessment

1. Is there clear evidence of political and financial commitment to the project?
2. Is the Public Sector Agency’s plan to meet the ongoing commitments associated with the P3 project sustainable?
4. Have you identified resources to support a P3, such as hiring advisors?
5. Have you identified your project champion, and does that person have the capacity beyond their current duties to manage this project?
6. Have you identified synergies of interest and stakeholder groups for P3 support or participation?
8. Are partners willing to commit resources to support the P3?
10. Are there sufficient resources to complete the technical studies required to get the project procurement ready (e.g., Geotech, hazmat, utilities mapping)?

Resource Acquisition and Funding

1. Have you identified the necessary resources to achieve your objectives?
6. Has there been any analysis of whether this project would qualify for Federal grants or loans?
7. Do you have direct ability and capacity to issue debt to support the project (or indirectly through a sister agency)?

SECTION 3: Risk Assessment

Challenges and Risks

Quick Risk Assessment: On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, rate your challenges in terms of risk

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SECTION 4: Agency Organization


1. Have you identified your project champion?
4. Do the right Public Sector Agency bodies, individuals and/or departments have sufficient authority to execute the requirements of a P3 transaction?

Critical Leadership Roles and Functions

1. Is it clear who is making the decisions for the project?
2. Do you have the right people in the right places to develop your P3?
4. Is it clear who will be involved with overseeing the project?
5. Do the assigned individuals have sufficient authority to execute the requirements of the P3 transaction?
6. Are the members of the project team and their roles and responsibilities clearly defined?

Project Team Governance Structure

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