Navy begins solicitation process

September 21, 2022

The Navy intends to begin a competitive solicitation process in late 2022 to identify a potential Developer for NAVWAR Revitalization.

The Navy anticipates issuing a competitive solicitation in late 2022 to identify a potential master developer for revitalization of NAVWAR’s facilities at Naval Base Point Loma’s Old Town Campus (OTC). The Navy will work with the potential master developer on multiple options for the private development of OTC (Alternatives 2 through 5 in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement), while continuing to evaluate the feasibility of a NAVWAR-only development funded by traditional military construction methods (Alternative 1 in the Draft EIS).

The Naval Base Point Loma Old Town Campus is home to Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR). NAVWAR needs new mission-capable and modern facilities to support its cyber security mission. The Navy is considering plans to maximize the value of approximately 70.5 acres of Navy-owned underutilized property at the Old Town Campus to support NAVWAR needs. One possible outcome is a real-property exchange of a 99 year lease on 60+ acres of land, a half-mile from the SD airport and 1 mile from Downtown in exchange for new NAVWAR facilities. NAVWAR annual federal budget was over $10 billion in FY22 and provides $3.2 billion annually and 40K jobs to the San Diego regional economy. The potential redevelopment would bring additional economic benefits to the region through the construction and operation of new commercial, residential, and transportation facilities.

Interested parties should:

1. Finalize their teams.

2. Register with, the U.S. Government’s system for contracting opportunities.

3. Sign up for the OTC project mailing list @ and opt-in for text message alerts.
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