Run by public sector P3 experts, P3Direct is a program implemented by AIAI for the public sector as a means to create a connection between experienced P3 professionals and those looking to gain more information on the P3 procurement model across agencies at every level. It’s an opportunity for public officials to both engage with P3 experts and share their experiences. The program encourages an understanding of the model and collaboration of agencies to promote best practices and share lessons learned and success stories when making procurement decisions.


  • Public officials/administrators who have some interest in P3s but are new to the concept and details of this delivery method
  • Those who have some experience with P3s in their districts or states
  • Those who think P3s might be a good option for their projects and want to know where to start


  • Provides information about how to navigate the complex process of P3s
  • Enables participants to develop informal relationships where P3-centric questions can be asked and complexities clarified
  • Introduces participants to current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the P3 market
  • Introduces participants to other practitioners and organizations in a sales-free environment

In order for us to make P3Direct as effective as possible, we need your input. Please answer a few quick questions in order to be considered as a participant:

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