Value of a P3

American families and communities deserve resilient public infrastructure systems that grow our economy, create good paying American jobs, protect our health and reduce our nation’s carbon footprint. Leveraging hundreds of billions of available private capital, Public-Private Partnerships (or P3s) bring together America’s private sector innovators and State and local governments to get the job done faster and less expensively than traditional delivery methods. Working in partnership, P3s can help our communities rebuild our economy with a stronger, more resilient infrastructure foundation.

  • Airports
    Devastated by the global collapse in traffic from the pandemic, America’s airports are in dire need of investment. P3s are helping some of our oldest, most outdated facilities become global showcases to help maintain America’s aviation leadership.
  • Broadband
    Across America, rural and urban communities alike are turning to P3s to help “fill in the gaps” for universal broadband access in every community.
  • Clean Energy
    P3s are advancing innovative solutions for universities across America to modernize their grids with more efficient generation and transmission capacity.
  • Ports
    Often taken for granted, America’s port infrastructure is the backbone for our economy’s global supply chains. P3s offer our ports innovative solutions for modernizing their facilities and speeding the movement of American goods.
  • Rail
    Across the globe and in the U.S., public-private partnerships bring excellence to rail projects, from freight to intercity passenger.
  • Resilience
    P3s are global tools that leverage the best and brightest innovators to build infrastructure that is resilient to floods, fires, and other climate threats.
  • Schools
    The pandemic has demonstrated, again, the front-line role of our nation’s aging school buildings. Increasingly, public schools across America are turning to P3s for help in building and rebuilding the next generation of modern, resilient school facilities.
  • Smart Cities
    America’s cities are our innovation drivers. P3s enable cities to leverage the next generation of smart infrastructure to build resilient technology solutions to enable autonomous vehicles and smarter and more efficient management of infrastructure systems to create better outcomes for our communities.
  • Transportation
    From tunnels to bridges to transit systems, P3s are helping build some of the most innovative transportation infrastructure across our nation.
  • Water
    State and local governments are using P3s to ensure safe, reliable sources of clean drinking water and new projects for flood control.

Private investment and innovation is the lifeblood of our country. P3s incorporate and exemplify the intrinsic value of partnership and allow the government to retain control over outcomes while harnessing the power of private sector. These partnerships give voice to a diverse group of stakeholders driving economic development and growth in our cities.