What is it?

The AIAI Water P3 Toolkit is a resource to inform those responsible for procurement about the benefits of the P3 process in support of P3 water project procurements. It’s a web-based guide to utilizing innovative design, construction, finance, operations and maintenance methods to deliver and operate capital projects.

The information contained in the toolkit will assist you in your approach to your projects. It will highlight long term solutions that P3s offer in areas such as operations, maintenance and financing that should be explored when charged with delivering value to your end users and taxpayers in general.

The toolkit’s goal is to provide a general overview of the P3 process, while additionally providing value and opportunities, Templates, Case Study Overviews and more. There are five topics with resources based on each subject matter that will help you deliver value to users of your water system, your water utility, and tax and rate payers.


Download Preparing for a Successful Procurement Presentation

Who is it for?

The Toolkit is intended for those responsible for keeping the utility’s water supply and delivery infrastructure reliable and in appropriate condition be it for potable, waste, or storm water.


Help to assess needs and deficits and outcome driven proposals with technology and innovation as the core elements of your vision. Develop a plan to include a needs assessment and proposed opportunities for delivery.


A resource to assist you in working with your operations staff to identify opportunities to incorporate P3 into your procurement models as an overall delivery strategy.

What are the benefits of using the P3 Toolkit?

  • Identifies key steps to approaching alternative delivery
  • Draws upon practical experience
  • Shares solution driven ideas and tools to identify and inform the process
  • Is supported by the P3Direct Education Initiative