Welcome to AIAI!  Thank you for your membership.

We are so pleased that you have decided to join your industry peers and work with us as we move P3s forward. In order for you to gain value from your membership, we have created a member engagement area. Here you can learn more about the association and understand the various opportunities as you begin to familiarize yourself with the association. 

How to get engaged:

  • Join and lead committees  and working groups.
  • Log in to the members area of the website and create a profile.
  • Let us know what industry events you will be attending.
  • Let us know what you think. Tell us what matters. Share industry concerns and ideas for education.
  • Get to know the AIAI team staff and let us get to know you.
  • Check in often!

Help us create visibility for you and your organization:

  • Submit a company description.
  • Share your team members’ areas of knowledge. Provide us with head shots and bios. (link to upload).
  • Let us know your key team members for speaking opportunities, written pieces and video chats.
  • Let us know when a new person joins the team.
  • Let us know about your projects and programs.
  • Tell us what areas interest you most.


Plug In:

Let us know who needs access to the members’ only website

Share contact information for your organization so we may better serve you.

Update and Share Key COntacts

Program Overview:

AIAI has several programs to keep you visible and create opportunity as we advocate, educate and engage with industry promoting the P3 Model.

AIAI’s “Zoom-In on P3” Education Series aims to provide P3 education and information to public owners, and allows members to share their organization’s unique perspective, experience and knowledge.

P3Direct is an AIAI partnership program for public sector representatives, which aims to create connections with experienced P3 industry experts to provide a resource when exploring P3 as a procurement model.

P3 Quad is a hub for Universities and Colleges. This education program aims to engage students, bring awareness to the P3 procurement model and create opportunities for mentoring, internships and future employment. Reach out for more information and updates on this evolving program.


AIAI committees are where the work is done and relationships are built.  Click on the link below to determine which committees interest you. Keep in mind when looking to engage in committees, that you choose not only those to which you can bring the most value, but also those that might bring you value from a business development perspective.

Staff on-boarding Call

We trust the information on this page has provided you with a more in depth understanding of the association and how we work. As our aim is to connect and further explore ways in which we can provide best value for your membership, please click here to schedule a formal on-boarding call.