AIAI Executive Director Lisa Buglione applauds bipartisan agreement

Breaking: AIAI Congratulates Congressional Leaders & White House on Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement, Urges Passage

WASHINGTON, DC (July 28, 2021)—The Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure (AIAI) today congratulated the bipartisan group of Senators that reached agreement today on a broad-based infrastructure investment proposal, saying the legislation is key to modernizing America’s infrastructure systems and key to the nation’s economic competitiveness.

Lisa Buglione, AIAI’s Executive Director, echoed words of support throughout the infrastructure industry and urged the bill’s passage in both the Senate and House.

“This bipartisan agreement is the largest investment in America’s infrastructure in decades. It will kickstart long-overdue projects, attract billions in private investment and ultimately grow the U.S. P3 market,” Buglione said.

“AIAI and its members thank the key negotiators in this agreement, in particular Senator Portman and Senator Sinema, and call on Congress to pass this important bipartisan legislation as soon as possible.

“AIAI looks forward to helping governments and other project sponsors understand best practices to leverage the efficiency, innovation and creativity of the public-private partnership model with these new Federal investments. P3s will help governments of all sizes build projects more quickly and efficiently, with greater resilience and more equitable outcomes, that serve the interests of all Americans and our economy,” she concluded.