Hawaii issues Stadium RFQ

The New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District (NASED) in the state of Hawaii in USA has issued a request for qualifications (RFQ) for New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District project in Honolulu. The project involves the development of a new 35,000 seat multi-purpose stadium and integrated entertainment district in Honolulu, Hawaii.The project will be implemented as a public-private partnership on a design, build, finance maintain (DBFM) basis.

The Phase 1 of the project will consist of two stages:

  • Phase 1A Project: design, construction, financing and maintenance of a new 35,000 seat stadium (the “New Aloha Stadium”) and a prescribed minimum surrounding area with supporting infrastructure (e.g. roadways, parking, public spaces and requisite changes to utilities) for Phase 1 and connections to the HART Station, including the demolition of the current Aloha Stadium and redeveloping that part of the site;
  • Phase 1B Project: the development, operation and commercialization of a prescribed set of functions (e.g. retail, commercial, etc.).

Any activities with respect to Phase 1 will be required to accommodate the continued operation of the current Aloha Stadium and the New Aloha Stadium (once operational).

The new stadium is expected to be delivered by Fall 2023.

The project will be financed by a mix or private and public financing. The state funding of Phase 1 will be USD 350 million.

The deadline to submit the qualifications is April 28, 2020. CLICK HERE to register for access to the RFQ